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Integrated Architecture was started in February of 2013 based simply on providing quality architectural service to clients.


The word integrated is defined as combining or coordinating separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole. The idea behind Integrated Architecture is not only coordinating the technical elements of a building but also the design team itself. As there are many parts that make up a harmonious, interrelated building, there are also many parts that make up a design team. We help our clients build the team they can trust to bring value to their project.


At Integrated Architecture we are passionate about quality architectural design that has a positive impact on the client and community it serves. We have design experience with libraries, schools, churches, community centers, healthcare, aquatic facilities, industrial spaces, retail and general office space.


For Integrated Architecture the process of architectural design is rooted in simply listening to clients, designing for their needs, and delivering a quality product.

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nate baker

Nate started Integrated Architecture with a deep sense of service. His intense focus and loyalty has helped Integrated succeed from day one. 

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Dedicated to faith and family, Mark strives daily to be a devoted friend to all. When working with Mark, clients gain not only an experienced architect but a lifelong friend. 

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